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UltraLuxe Travel Australia

UltraLuxe Travel Australia

How to vacation like a VIP in Australia

UltraLuxe travel is our speciality. With more than three decades’ experience tailoring luxury holidays for the most discerning travellers, Southern Crossings is well versed in exceeding the highest of expectations. We have regularly looked after captains of industry, sports people at the top of their game, musicians at the top of the charts and other notable personalities looking for an UltraLuxe escape. But you don’t need to be a VIP to deserve a little luxe, and as the specialists in luxury travel Down Under, Southern Crossings know just how to help you vacation like an A-lister with unparalleled personalised UltraLuxe travel experiences in Australia.


The world’s largest island has space in spades. In an ever increasingly crowded world, and especially today, space and seclusion are perhaps first among the greatest modern luxuries. Southern Crossings knows just where to find you a private piece of the planet to enjoy.


Australia’s ancient landscapes and one of the world’s oldest living cultures combined with a modern multicultural lifestyle and contemporary luxury travel experiences create opportunities for luxury travellers to enjoy the best of it all, in privacy, and with privilege.


So, whether you’re seeking an under the radar getaway or an over-the-top vacay, we can tailor luxury Australian travel arrangements to suit;


Personalised Heli Safaris

Charter a chopper to explore the most remote reaches of the Australian continent. Tailored multi-day helicopter safaris of Australia’s Kimberley region combine spectacular scenery, luxury lodgings and exclusive experiences personalised to your interests. Heli-fish or horse-ride, hike stunning outback gorges and swim in secluded tranquil waterholes, from the outback to the coast, the choice is entirely yours!


Luxury cruising without the crowds

From Sydney Harbour to the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays to the Kimberley; with nearly 50,000km of coastline, more than 10,000 beaches and over 8,000 islands, Australia offers plenty of opportunity for tailored luxury cruising adventures. Sail in superyacht style and cruise in effortless luxury; Southern Crossings can match you with a luxury private vessel and exclusive experiences to suit your needs and exceed your dreams. Picnic on a private sand cay surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef, or sip champagne as you watch the sun set over the Sydney Opera House, explore bays and beaches where few have been before, itineraries limited only by the imagination.


Behind-the-scenes experiences

Cook with an Australian masterchef under the sails of the Sydney Opera House (or let them whip up an Aussie ‘Barbie’ just for you on one of Sydney’s harbour islands. Enjoy court-side seats at the Australian Open or have a hit of tennis with one of the greats of the game. Walk in the footsteps of ancient Aboriginal legends and tell your own story with a masterpiece created under the guidance of a local indigenous artist. Whatever your passion, ours is tailoring the exclusive luxury travel experiences that will last with your forever!


Dream Suites

From luxury private villas to lavish penthouse suites, Southern Crossings can help you stay where princesses and presidents have rested their heads. Private chef or 24 hour butler, gourmet meals and life’s luxuries (however big or small) personalised to your preferences are all part of the ultraluxe travel experience. In the centre of the action or away from it all, wilderness retreat, beach house or country estate, we have your perfect place where the world won’t find you.


Exclusive-use Islands

But, when a spacious suite or a luxury lodge just isn’t quite what you’re looking for, take luxe to the next level and enjoy a whole island to yourself – we have plenty to choose from! Whether it’s a private party to celebrate a special milestone with family and friends or if it’s just a party of two looking for a special place to get away, we’ll match you with your perfect private island experience to suit. Australia’s exclusive-use private islands offer sublime social distancing at its very finest!


Skip the queue with private jet travel

Join the dots, save time, skip the queues and reach places that other’s cant. We can tailor itineraries by private plane right across Australia, including access to remote outback stations, exclusive tropical islands and luxury private estates.


Tailored UltraLuxe Travel Experiences to make you feel like a VIP

For the ultimate in UltraLuxe travel, Southern Crossings has access to accommodation options and experiences that are not advertised or otherwise publicly available. We take great pride in accessing the inaccessible and making the seemingly impossible, possible. Our personalised UltraLuxe travel experiences and tailored luxury travel itineraries are designed to make you feel like an A-lister in Australia.


From scenic heli-transfers to private rail carriages, behind-the-scenes and after hours exclusives, luxury lodges and private estates, our speciality is tailoring personalised luxury travel experiences across Australia, New Zealand and the idyllic islands of the South Pacific (Fiji, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and more).

Contact our Travel Designers today to start planning your personalised UltraLuxe travel experiences, it’s never too soon to have something to look forward to!